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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Laser Hair Removal Harmful?
The rays applied in laser epilation only reach the middle skin. It does not spread under the skin or to the internal organs. The laser beam is not a propagating beam. It only works up to a certain depth in the shooting area. However, you should seek help from experts in the field in order to avoid any irritation or problems that may lead to severe burns on your skin.
How Often Should We Have Skin Care?
You can see the results more clearly when you have your skin care done in regular sessions. The monthly and annual treatments will eliminate your skin problems and will soothe and brighten your skin.
Does Permanent Makeup Application Hurt?
Permanent Makeup Application is described as a slight stinging sensation in the application area. In practice, there is a minimum discomfort that may differ according to the person's pain threshold and the experience of the esthetician. In people with low pain threshold, the application area is locally anesthetized with anesthetic ointment.
Can silk eyelashes be removed?
After applying silk eyelashes, you can have a removal procedure. You can easily remove your silk eyelashes with a special silk eyelash remover solution to be used by the silk eyelash applicator. This application does not cause any harm to your existing eyelashes.
How Long Should Session Intervals Be?
The age, hair and skin type of the person is decisive in the session intervals whether laser epilation has been performed before or not. The ideal session interval is 4 to 6 weeks.