Fat injection is the process of applying the fat taken from the person’s own body to the needed areas. Fat tissue injections are frequently applied procedures in facial rejuvenation procedures. Fat injections are frequently used especially for the fullness of the mid-face area, the clarification of the cheekbones, the enlargement of the jaw tip, and the creation of the jaw line and chin corner. Even in facelift surgeries, if there is not enough volume on the face, the face may have a flattened and artificial appearance. For this reason, fat injections can also be applied in three-dimensional shaping of the face in face lift surgeries. Very successful results are obtained with very thin oil injections in filling the cavities under the eyes.


Abdominal, waist and hip areas are generally suitable for fat removal. The procedures are performed under general or local anesthesia in operating room conditions. With the help of a millimetric and rounded cannula, approximately 40 cc of fat is taken by entering the area to be taken. Again, the transfer process is performed by entering the face with the same fine cannula. After the procedure, there is no need for stitches to the area where the face is entered. No scar is left. With fat injection to the face, both fullness and regenerative effect are provided. Since the oils taken from our body are rich in adult-type stem cells, they transform into fibroblasts after application, synthesize collagen and rejuvenate the skin. Fat injection to the face is a short procedure. Therefore, it can often be performed in conjunction with other operations. It can be applied in combination with rhinoplasty, breast prosthesis or lower-upper eyelid operations. Swelling may occur on the face after the operation. The swelling that occurs in about a week decreases. Fat takes the shape of the face. Fat injection to the face provides permanence between 6 and 12 months and between 40% and 60%. If necessary, a second session of fat injection can be done. In this case, the permanence of the adipose tissue increases.