It is the name given to the area between the neck and the chin of the part that goes from the bottom of the chin to the neck. Over time, jowl sagging occurs due to various factors. The operations performed to remove the appearance resulting from these sagging are called jowl sagging surgery. In this article, we will examine how jowl sagging can be prevented before it occurs and how to intervene when this sagging occurs. First of all, it is useful to dwell on the causes of jowl sagging. The substances listed below are among the most well-known causes of jowl sagging.


If jowl sagging has progressed, it can only be removed by surgical operation. With the help of Laser Lipolysis Plus, chin sagging aesthetics is performed. With this operation, the patient gets rid of the jowl fat without leaving any traces on his face, and the chin is gained elasticity. Afterwards, the operation is supported with a recovery corset for 15 days. The jowl recovery operation is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s condition, he can be hospitalized for 1 day or discharged on the same day. In the following period, when individuals comply with all the above-mentioned jowl preventer and supportive programs, the rate of sagging jowl is very low.